Q & A with Stephen Samuelian – Skilled Nursing Communities

Stephen SamuelianMost people fail to give much thought to skilled nursing care until a spouse, parent or other loved one requires greater assistance, notes Stephen Samuelian. Skilled nursing care communities have been regulated and inspected by the Department of Health Services. As an experienced developer of these locations, Stephen Samuelian offers his take on the topic and provides further guidance to those who may be seeking this option.

Q: What is the primary mission of a skilled nursing care community and its staff?

Stephen Samuelian: Skilled nursing care facilities provide short-term or long-term care to persons who are in need of advanced rehabilitation services.

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Stephen Samuelian Sheds Light on Philanthropic Investments

Stephen SamuelianWhen it comes to financial investments, diversification is crucial to reducing risk. The opposite is true for philanthropic investments, says Stephen Samuelian. It is not uncommon for charities, non-profits and NGO’s to be founded by dedicated and well-intentioned people who have experienced a life event that has motivated them to make a difference. These good-hearted individuals may have little prior business or operational experience. They may lack the disciplines, processes, controls and strategies that make organizations and businesses successful, notes Stephen Samuelian. He advises those individuals contemplating a year-end gift or grant to a charity to do their due diligence, as they would with any other investment.

According to Stephen Samuelian, informed donors generally don’t respond to the first organization that calls for help. They take the time to identify which causes are most important to them and they are specific about the change they want to bring to their communities or to the world at large.  They look for a charity with competent management, a clear vision and mission, a solid program, policies and procedures, financial and operational controls, etc. Wise donors do not drop money into canisters at the checkout counter. This is an easy way for scam artists to take advantage of one’s goodwill, reveals Stephen Samuelian. It is usually advisable to limit donations to groups with granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Stephen Samuelian – Actions to Take Before Choosing a Nursing Facility

Stephen SamuelianAs a founding partner of Life Generations Healthcare and Covenant Care Incorporated, Stephen Samuelian knows that choosing a nursing facility is an important and often difficult decision. A nursing facility selection involves many people, including the resident, the resident’s family, and health care professionals.

Most nursing facilities have literature spelling out their features. Not all nursing facilities are comparable in quality. After reviewing the information provided and narrowing down locations that might be a possibility, you will likely want to visit them. Spending time on site will reveal things that brochures, reviews, and numbers never will, explains Stephen Samuelian.

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